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1000 Dancerss

1 500 000 Fans

160 000 Votes


I Am Dance! 2017


1. Record your audition dance video
You can participate as a solo dancer or as a crew (maximum 10 dancers/crew).


2. Create your profile and upload your audition video
You can log in with Facebook or register to create your profile. When you are logged in, click on ”add video” to upload your audition video.


3. Share your profile and your audition video!
You are now live. Don’t forget that it’s one vote every 24 hours so keep sharing.
Good luck!

First selection:
When the audition ends (July 29th) the five participants who receive the most votes, as well as five participants nominated by the judges, will be highlighted on our website. This means our jury will get an extra chance to see your audition video.
On July 30th two finalists (solo and/or crew) will be announced.


The final:
The final of the I Am Dance 2017 takes place on the main stage at the We Are Sthlm festival. The two finalists will be flown in to Stockholm, with flight, hotel and accommodation paid for. You will perform your routine infront of a packed audience who, by screaming at the top of their lungs (the noice is registered by a decibel meter), will decide who takes home the victory.

First prize I Am Dance 2017


– Trip to Stockholm + hotel + accommodation
– 50 000 SEK
– And of course: You get to perform on the main stage at the We Are Sthlm festival during the final of I Am Dance 2017


I Am Dance


Welcome to I Am Dance!

We want to help dancers achieve their dreams. It’s that simple. We have created a brand new concept where social media meets the biggest live stages in the world. This to ensure that you – the dancer – will be able to meet a wide audience in a simple and direct way and continue doing what you love. On the I Am Dance platform you – the dancer – can have all of your videos, pictures and social media channels stacked in one place. You can also join our competition, which is held during summer every year. I Am Dance reaches millions of fans and you can participate in our competition by simply adding your audition video. Join us now – this is just the beginning.

For more information and updates follow us on Facebook. If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us!



I Am Dance 2017:
Project manager: Suzanne “Suuz” Naffah – suuz@iammusic.se
A&R Manager: Kristoffer Gafor – kristoffer@iammusic.se
Market/Partner: Jonas Stålgard – jonas@iammusic.se
CEO: Nicolas Lunabba – nicolas@iammusic.se






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